The Way of the Mystic

An Embodied Approach to Personal and Planetary Healing

In This Course You Will:

  • Use everyday triggers, upsets, and disturbances as the foundation for an integrative healing process
  • Separate emotions and feelings from our egoic story in order to integrate a new story based in a possible future rather than the remembered past
  • Develop a clear personal methodology for aligning mental, physical, emotional and relational aspects of your soul
  • Have a profound experience of your own heart...  through working together as a community with different processes, including guided meditations, journaling, and other experiential exercises. 

The Mystics Journey

Week One Classroom

In this session we will explore the myth of separation, it’s impact on our lives and the world and how to align with our soul’s purpose. We will learn the basic alchemical tools of the mystic for turning leadened consciousness into golden presence and interconnection…​

Our Body & Belonging

Week Two Classroom

In this session, we discover our body as the conduit for connecting with our soul’s purpose and an agent for integrating past trauma, dissociated parts and retrieving suppressed energy. By re-embodying ourselves, we reclaim our birthright of belonging...

​The Heart and Emotions

Week Three Classroom

In this session, we engage in the profound journey from the head to the heart as we rehabilitate our ability to fully feel and integrate our feelings. We also learn to love and embrace our young child as we dissolve the stories of shame and self-criticism...

The Mind & Mind Field

Week Four Classroom

In this session, we deepen our ability to cultivate stillness as we ignite our personal power to be with any situation and choose our response, rather than react to circumstances. We also begin to evolve and step into higher levels of awareness and interconnectivity.

On Being Related

Week Five Classroom

In this session, we deepen our sense of relatedness to ourselves and our world. We engage in practices to dissolve the myth of separation and recognize and experience our deep interconnection with all of life. We will also receive the tools to resolve any relational disputes...

Vision & Action

Week Six Classroom

​In this session, we will transform our notion of linear time and recognize the time-space continuum that allows us to create powerful futures beyond the constraints of the past. Rather than adding more to our plate, we will discover the power of stillness and non-doing as access to producing results.

Deepening Practices

Week Seven Final Class

While this is an experiential course it is only the beginning of the mystic's journey. In this final module, we will create a structure and provide tools to support you in continuing to deepen and expand your self and community awareness journey…


Sandra Ingerman

Shamanic healer, teacher, author

Michael’s enthusiasm is truly contagious. His work as a teacher, shamanic healer, and communicator is brilliantly inspired and is filled with the love, light, compassion, and humour needed to leave everyone he works with discovering new ways to feel and be empowered.

Itzhak Beery

Shamanic teacher, author NYC

Michael Stone is a brilliant irreverent reverend in his teachings and his spiritual work, a sign of a true wisdom keeper and enlightened teacher. Michael’s inspired words flow into your heart creating a fertile ground for learning and acceptance.

Marius Hansson


Michael Stone is a man of great authenticity and a great heart filled with compassion and empathy for all. The Way of the Mystic course has made a huge difference in my life. Michael's guidance and support has opened up a new way of seeing the world and a new way of being. Michael's greatest strengths I saw was how he managed to create the space so that not only was he connected with every one of his students but we all also felt part of a new community. When the course was over I found myself missing that space of connection with people form far away places on earth. I would recommend any and all to take courses with the Well of Light.

Michael Winfield


Michael is a wise, sensitive, and practical soul. Through his life long work he has learned how to deal with the vagaries of multiple personalities, competitive egos and damaged beings. He innately picks up on hurt and wounds, reaches out and draws out the pain allowing healing and onward movement. Michael teaches from a place of profound understanding and his desire to help, to guide and to lead his students towards a place of light is manifest throughout his courses. I have discovered much by listening to Michael, by watching his guidance, by pondering on his messages. I have watched him deal with his own pain and still manage to bring light to others as he suffers. He is quick to smile, always ready to forgive. He is patient but also demanding, will focus on an issue and gently guide an individual to their solution. Michael Stone is an empathetic Shaman, a Spiritual Guide, a Man of Light. I look forward to being taught by him again, very soon.

Patricia de la Borbolla


A special thanks to you Michael for your gentleness and ability to guide us in the depths of our souls where we had not been in a long time. Unearthing those buried emotions which want to touched and loved.

Rita Falsetto


"May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses. May there be kindness in your gaze when you look within." -John O'Donohue This quote expresses only a few of the many gifts I received from Michael during the course, 'The Way of the Mystic.' Michael has a compassionate, open, kind and gentle essence that illuminates one's spirit. His intuitive ability helped me open myself up to my own goodness and supported me in seeing and embracing self love. His teachings and explanation about PRESENCE and the MOMENT OF NOW provided a much needed respite for me from constantly 'living in the past or in the future.' I am much more at peace with where I am in my life. THANK YOU, Michael, for your presence in this world!

Holly Faris


Michael's presence (and by extension, his teachings) have allowed my own inner-mystic to reveal herself, unearthing my innate and extraordinary capabilities. At 24, I am newly grounded, empowered & excited to continue on the Path of the Mystic! Michael himself is such a free and inevitably inspiring person, on the frontlines of universal spiritual healing. I cannot adequately convey how much goodness he has fostered on our planet during his lifetime. But I can say that his goodness is contagious, and his work blessed. Anyone seeking to deepen their relationships (with themselves, loved ones, un-loved ones, the planet) will do so with Michael. If you're curious, go for it!