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Retreat Description:

Having a meditation practice is a way to deepen our relationship with our essential goodness, access new levels of self-awareness, and deepen our connection with life itself. To do this we need to charge and replenish our spiritual battery.

In this two day deep dive retreat, we will lay the foundation for accessing our most authentic self and attaining alignment with our soul’s purpose. Rather than burning our life energy and depleting our essential power, we will: 

  • Become more grounded and present in life and living
  • Tap into your innate spiritual creativity and intuition
  • Bring more light, love, and focused awareness into your life
  • Expand your capacity for slowing down and aligning with your soul
  • Feel more connected to self, others, and the web of life

Humanity is at a collective turning point! We are not going back to what we have been mistakenly calling normal. It is time to return to our essential goodness and claim our birthright as a contributing member of the emergent future of humanity. It’s time to remember the dream that calls to you from the solitude of your stillness and infinite depths of your heart… You and your life make a difference!